Collagen Cookie Dough Truffles

Easy collagen cookie dough truffles with only 6 ingredients!

These collagen cookie dough truffles are packed with, you guessed it, collagen! Collagen is all the rage right now and people take it for many different reasons. For one, it’s a source of protein, which make is great after a workout!

Collagen is also included into beauty routines nowadays since it strengthens your nails, promotes healthy hair and helps your skin stay youthful. Although taking collagen in powder form is easy and convenient, my favorite way to get collagen is in homemade bone broth.

I grew up my whole life drinking bone broth that my mom would make after roasting a chicken. When you roast a chicken, turkey or even cook beef, save the bones because that’s essentially, free bone broth! Simply place the bones in a pot of water, add desired vegetables and herbs and let it simmer. It’s easy enough but does require time. So for those who want the benefits of collagen with no cooking involved, collagen powders are a great, versatile solution. You can add collagen to your smoothies, lattes, baked goods and so much more.


You can also coat these collagen cookie dough truffles in chocolate because extra chocolate is always a good idea!

You will need:

oat flour


maple syrup

sunflower seed butter or nut butter

ghee/coconut oil

chocolate chips

These collagen cookie dough balls also have sunflower seed butter in them, which is a great peanut-free alternative for those with allergies. However, feel free to substitute the sunflower seed butter for your favorite nut butter. I’ve made these many times with peanut and almond butter and they’re just as delicious.

Collagen Cookie Dough Balls


  • 1 cup oat flour (or coconut flour)
  • 1/2 cup collagen
  • 1/3 cup nut butter of choice or Sunbutter
  • 1/4 or 1/3 cup maple syrup (depending  on sweetness preference)
  • 1-2 tbsp melted ghee or coconut oil
  • chocolate chips


  1. In a bowl, combine oat flour, collagen, nut butter, maple syrup and ghee. Mix until a batter forms.
  2. Fold in chocolate chips and form into balls. Collagen cookie dough balls can be stored in the fridge for 1 week or in the freezer for longer. Enjoy!

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