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Welcome to my blog! I love working on new projects with brands and products that I am passionate about! I have a passion for all things food, health and fitness!

Here are some ideas on how we can work together:

RECIPE DEVELOPMENT: Do you have a delicious product? I’d love to cook or bake with it to whip up something outrageously mouthwatering!

CONTENT CREATION: Are you looking for high-quality photos to use on your brand’ website or social media?

BRAND AMBASSADORSHIP: Are you looking for someone to represent your brand? I’d love to chat about any ambassador programs your brand has and form a long-term partnership!

PRODUCT EXPOSURE: If my lifestyle is on the same wavelength as your product, I’d be happy to endorse it! We can collaborate on sponsored blog posts or social media exposure (including giveaways). I always want to post organically, thus, I do not do straight product reviews. I prefer to get creative and incorporate the product into a recipe or show my readers how I enjoy it in my everyday lifestyle.

TAKEOVERS/GUEST BLOGGING: Would you like me to takeover your social media account for the day or write a guest post for your website?

EVENTS: Do you want to have me represent your brand at a food or health expo? Do you want me to teach a cooking class at your event? Do you want to invite me to your restaurant, fitness class, etc..?

Email me at or fill out the form below to discuss rates/packages!





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