Hemp Heart bar review!


I’ve been sprinkling hemp hearts on my food for about two years now. I’m a huge fan of the original protein and omega-rich hearts that can be sprinkled on just about anything from salads, to stirfrys, to smoothie bowls, and more. They’re so hearty and make whatever dish you’re sprinkling them on even more nutritious! I loved their hemp heart bites and as you can imagine, I was so excited for the release of their hemp heart bars. I mean, look at these flavours! Chocolate, vanilla and apple cinnamon!

These hemp heart bars taste amazing! They pack in 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of omegas 3 and 6 and a whole lot of delicious flavour. They’re also perfect to bring on-the-go. If you’re rushing to school, work, or the gym, these bars are great since they’re nutritious with the brain-boosting omegas and will keep you full due to the plant-based protein.


These hemp heart bars are made with ingredients I recognize and can pronounce. That is ALWAYS something I look for when eating packaged snacks. If you’re shopping for snacks and can’t pronounce a myriad of long chemical words, you should stear clear from that product! However, this is never an issue with Manitoba Harvest products. With a quick scan at the ingredients list (listed here are the ingredients for the apple cinnamon bar), you can see that the hemp heart bars contain hemp hearts (shocker, I know), organic coconut palm sugar (my fave), organic brown rice syrup, dried apple, cinnamon, organic apple flavour, pectin, organic sunflower oil, organic caramel flavour and rosemary extract. These are simple ingredients to create a delicious bar.


Now for the flavour. One word: delicious! The apple cinnamon flavour tastes like an apple pie in bar form, the vanilla flavour tastes like vanilla cake, and lastly, the chocolate flavour tastes like dark chocolate. I am huge chocoholic but I must say, the vanilla bar was my favorite! They were all so good but the vanilla one really had me questioning if I was eating a slice of vanilla cake or a venilla hemp heart bar.. You need to try it for yourself to see how on point it is with flavour.

Have you tried Manitoba Harvest products before? How do you like to eat hemp hearts? Leave me a comment letting me know. đŸ™‚



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