How I Stay Healthy with The Polar A360!


It’s sleek. It’s sexy. It’s touch-screen. The new Polar A360 is a winner!

If you didn’t know this about me, I am a fitness addict! I love a good sweat sesh and the happy endorphins that follow it! Whether I’m doing pilates, going for a run (I’m currently training for a 10km marathon), strength training, HIIT or attending a class, the Polar watch is my ultimate companion. Why you ask? It tracks my workouts with amazing accuracy and it connects to the Polar Flow App on your phone, which is so incredibly convenient!

I love fueling with a Bounce energy ball pre-run!


The watch is simple to use and has three categories: My Day, Training, and My Heart Rate. The first category on the watch called “My Day” tallies up my daily activity from the steps I take, my distance travelled and my calories burned. The workouts I do also get saved under “My Day” so it’s a great setting to look back on at the end of the day to see how hard you’ve worked.


There is also a percentage given everyday based on your physical activity of the day and the fitness level you selected when you first initiated the watch. The percentage is a great motivator to allow you to meet your daily goal. Your daily goal is also seen through the time, which goes from white to completely blue once you complete your daily goal!


The next category is “Training,” aka what you will click on every time before a workout to track it! While you’re working out, the Polar A360 shows you your current heart rate and what heart rate zone you’re in, as well as the current duration, calories burned so far and so on. It calculates your calories in the most accurate way using wrist-based heart rate monitoring and your individual data (weight, height, age, gender) that you write when you first initiate your watch.

Heart rate based training is so motivating. As you workout and glance down at your watch, you can see your heart rate increasing and you know you’re getting a good sweat session in. Also, by viewing your heart rate, you can modify your training depending on your own personal goals. This Polar watch has basically become my personal trainer on my wrist.


As you’re working out, you may press the button on the left (the only button on the watch) to pause your workout if you need a drink of water or are going to use the restroom.

The third category on the watch is “My Heart Rate.” You can use this anytime throughout the date to calculate your current heart rate!

As for the fit of the watch, it comes in small, medium or large in the colors black, white or pink. Polar also offers changeable wristbands in blue or green. It comes with a USB cable to sync your data and charge it via computer. I also like to connect the USB cable to my iPhone charger to charge it in an outlet.

Post-hike up Mt. Royal snacking on a chocolate coated coconut coconut Square Bar. Get 20% off your order with code ‘thenutritiousprincess.’



All in all, the Polar A360 is amazing! I can’t imagine training for my 10km marathon without it since the data it gives me is so accurate. Shop for yours here.


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5 Comments on “How I Stay Healthy with The Polar A360!”

  1. Sounds like such a great device! I’ve really wanted something that would calculate steps and distance so I can gain motivation to start walking more!

  2. I’ had mine about 10 days, I absolutely love it, and being waterproof it can give me stats on swimming too. You can have up to twenty activities on the watch but there is a multitude to chose from to sync onto it. I would highly recommend this model, good looking, and the functionalities are amazing.

  3. I love the watch too! Have been using it since it was launched.
    However, for running purpose, the measurement for mileage is not accurate. esp long distance.
    I have tested it with my M400 (also Polar) with GPS and found that out while training.
    Overall, I still love A360 and use it as my daily watch. Enjoy!

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