Moroccan Huevos Rancheros

I love middle eastern food! The colors. The flavours. Everything! The use of spices in middle eastern food is impecable and something I love to learn about. I also love mexican food! From tacos, to fajitas to chilli. It’s my jam! I figured that combining middle eastern flavours in a mexican dish would be a marriage made in heaven – let alone a wonderful flavour explosion in your mouth!


Huevos rancheros is a dish comprised of eggs served on a crispy tortilla with a spicy tomato sauce. With my spin, I’m ditching the tomato sauce and instead adding a sweet potato mash infused with middle eastern flavour from two of my favorite middle eastern spices: sumac and harissa pepper sauce. Sumac provides a wonderful lemon-like tang while the harissa gives the dish a nice kick of heat. However, feel free to add freshly diced tomatoes on top if you’d like. Fresh veggies are always welcome with eggs!


This recipe is such a quick dish to whip up. You may make the sweet potato hash ahead of time and store it in the fridge to have moroccan huevos rancheros during the week whenever your heart desires, with minimal prep.


Moroccan Huevos Rancheros (makes 4)

  • 1 sweet potato, boiled and mashed
  • 1 tsp sumac
  • 1/2-1 tsp Mina harissa pepper sauce
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp chopped parsley
  • 1/4 red onion, diced
  • corn tortillas
  • Poached or fried eggs


  1. Prep the sweet potato mash: Peel, boil and mash the sweet potato in a bowl. Add the sumac, harissa, cumin, parsley, salt and pepper and mix to combine.
  2. Prep the eggs: poach or fry your eggs. It’s up to you.
  3. Prep the corn tortillas: You can either place them in the oven on the broil setting to crisp up or place them one by one in a pan with a little bit of butter or avocado oil and fry them until they get crispy and golden.
  4. Prep garnish: Dice red onion, and extra parsley. You can top them with extra harissa pepper sauce and sumac.
  5. Assemble: Smear a generous amount of sweet potato hash atop of a corn tortilla. Top with the poached (or fried) egg and garnish. Enjoy!


This savoury breakfast is a real winner and also perfect for lunch or dinner. You need to try it!

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