My Favorite Natural Skincare and Beauty Products


If you care about the ingredients  you’re ingesting and putting in your body, I believe you should also care about what you’re putting on your body. From facial cleansers to dry shampoo to deodorant, ditch the ones with a long list of chemical names and toxins.

Over the past few months I’ve tried various natural products and today I’ll be sharing the ones I find work best and I like best! My products are listed in no particular order and I’ve included links for you to browse and shop for them if you’d like.

  1. Frank & Whitman East Falls hair serum

This hair serum is liquid gold. Overtime I wash my hair I use 1-2 pumps from the middle section of my hair to the tips and boom, instant smoothness and no frizz. I particularly get frizz in the back of my head. What can I say, the back of my head is ridiculous (if you get that reference you’re cool haha)! I sometimes apply a little extra in the areas where my hair needs it and it really makes the world of a difference. This serum is parabens-free, plant-based and cruelty-free. If you’d like you can check out their serums and other products here.


2. Lymph Candy deodorant

Trust me when I say that I have tried many natural deodorants before and always found a flaw in them. They either didn’t last long enough, didn’t have enough scent or were difficult to apply (those pesky non stick versions). Using natural deodorant is something that has been a priority for me for years. The aluminum used in conventional deodorants is something you must avoid since it can lead to cancer. Remember, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body since it gets absorbed. I’ve been testing out Lymph Candy deodorant for about 2 months now and I seriously love it! I wore it anytime I went running  while I was training for my first race and guys, I’ve never smelled better during a workout! I have the lavender and lemongrass scents and they both smell amazing. I highly recommend Lymph Candy because it’s 100% natural (only 6 ingredients), aluminum-free and really works! Check out Lymph Candy deodorant here.


3. OSEA skincare

OSEA skincare is the best! They have a myriad of products to choose from depending your skin type. I love using the ocean cleanser daily, morning and/or night. It also does a great job at removing  makeup on days I wear. I use the ocean cleansing mudd 1-2 times a week to exfoliate. I love its minty smell and how its not too abrasive on the skin. The atmosphere protection cream is another one of my favourites from the OSEA line because it feels lightweight on the skin. I also enjoy the sea vitamin boost anytime of day when I want to refresh really quick like on a hot summer day or after a run. I use the essential corrective complex on anytime I have a blemish and I truly notice a difference the day after I’ve used it. Check out OSEA here.


4. Beautycounter

Beautycounter is something I recently found out about. In their own words Beautycounter’ “mission is to change the beauty industry through truth and transparency by getting safe, non-toxic products into the hands and homes of everyone.” Beautycounter has a strict ingredient screening process. They  only use ingredients with purpose in their products and ban over 1500 harmful ingredients.  All their products are rated safe and clean (0-2 on the Skin Deep cosmetic database). I love their lipstick and blush so much! You can watch Beautycounter’ video We All Deserve Better here to learn more! You can purchase Beautycounter products through consultant April Norris here!


5. Eco Lips

I love Eco Lips natural lip care products. I am a total lip balm addict and they have SO MANY FLAVOURS! From coconut ginger to vanilla to pomegranate to berry – I love them all! I am also in love with the Eco Lips organic lipscrub . Anytime my lips are feeling a little chapped and dry, this lipscrub instantly fixes the situation! Shop any of the Eco Lips balms and lipscrubs here.


This is a jar of vanilla bean magic.


6. POGO lipbalms

POGO lip balms by Eclipse just released new flavours and they smell impeccable! My personal favourites are my party (birthday cake), de-lish (pineapple citrus) and beach wave (coconut). All the POGO balms are all natural and made with organic ingredients! See POGO balms here.


What are your favourite natural beauty products?

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